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legal termination of pregnancy

  • Regione: Molise
  • Indirizzo: 130 Fox Street
  • CAP: 2000
  • Telefono: 0769039340
  • Iniziato: 16 agosto 2015 10:42
  • Termine: Questo annuncio è scaduto
legal termination of pregnancy

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abortion clinic


Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg is a legalized Sexual Reproductive healthcare Center specializing in Medical Abortions or same day Terminations of Pregnancies with the help of medically approved Abortion Pills that have no side effects.
Our medical abortion procedure is a same day and generally takes less than an hour. On your first appointment, a pill (mifepristone) will be swallowed. This pill is meant to block the hormone called progesterone because without it the lining of the womb breaks hence the pregnancy can’t continue.
After a few hours another abortion pill (misoprostol ) will be inserted inside your vagina and it will make the womb contract hence causing some cramping and bleeding similar to a miscarriage and that means the termination of pregnancy has successful taken place.
We shall provide you with free womb cleaning pills to prevent any future complications.
Our Abortion Prices are reasonable and offer students a 20% Discount!
Read more at:-
Or Call dr. Sam
+27 76 903 9340

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